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Digital Matter Unveils Next-Generation IoT Asset Tracking Device Management Platform

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Digital Matter, global leaders in IoT asset tracking and sensor monitoring solutions, is excited to announce the launch of Device Manager, a significant evolution of its IoT Device Management Platform.

This new platform highlights Digital Matter’s dedication to providing a more robust and intuitive solution for managing its diverse range of hardware.

Device Manager is designed to provide comprehensive visibility and control over Digital Matter devices, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The cloud-based platform simplifies device integration, updates, and configuration, saving time and resources while maximizing device performance with effortless over-the-air updates.

Key features of Device Manager include:

Device Configuration: Digital Matter partners can take control of over 200 device settings to fine-tune performance based on the use case.
Device Management: Monitor devices and troubleshoot problems quickly to improve end-customer satisfaction.
Over-the-Air Updates: Make updates to device settings, firmware, and security enhancements over-the-air.
Maximize Performance: Utilize advanced functionality such as GNSS Aiding data to improve device performance.
Enterprise-Level Security: AES-256 Encryption and Authentication keeps data secure.

“Device Manager is a vital tool for managing devices at scale, enhancing their value and performance,” said Ken Everett, CEO and Founder of Digital Matter.

“We are thrilled to introduce the next iteration of our platform, reflecting our commitment to innovation and excellence.”

For more information on how Digital Matter’s hardware and software solutions can empower your business, visit www.digitalmatter.com.

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